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Here's where to find my classes and events.

The Hermit Crab Essay, Virtual (hosted by Indiana Writers Center), December 3, 2023 10:00-12:00

Playing with form can unlock new truths in content. Hermit crab essays purposefully use outside forms to artistic effect. For example, an essay might be a Law and Order script, a bibliography, or a crossword puzzle. This workshop will include examples and prompts, and writers will leave with the start of their very own hermit crab essay. Come as you are, pay what you can.  Sign up here!


Women Reclaim the Page: Generative Writing to Beat Burnout, February 8, 1:45-3:00 at the AWP Conference in Kansas City, MO

In creative writing, the focus is product over process. Producing pages for publication is necessary, but when that goal takes over, what is lost? For women especially, writing solely to publish can lead to burnout. Generative writing might be an answer. These panelists, women who work in both academic and community spaces, champion writing for writing’s sake. Their interactive panel will reclaim writing as a process of discovery and invite attendees to try a few favorite generative prompts. 

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