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Writing for Wellness

Writing for Wellness harnesses the therapeutic power of creative writing, turning the blank page into a site of exploration, revelation, and even healing. In my writing for wellness workshops, the focus is on process, not product. We write from a generative prompt that invites sensory and memory work, reflection, and integration, then share our experiences and, if it feels right, share what we've written. Writing in this way releases stress, reduces chronic illness symptoms, and improves physical and emotional health. Check out the science behind it here! I direct the Writing for Wellness initiative with the Butler University Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program and lead workshops both virtually and in the Indianapolis community. Check out my events page to join a workshop.  


Writing Your Wilderness

A seasonal, nature-based approach to writing for wellness, offered in partnership with Bailey Sims of Mind Body Nature Counseling--keep an eye out for our next session here.


For as long as humans have been writing, we've written about and through the natural world. Of course we have! Humans are, at our center, natural beings, with our own cycles and seasons. Our digital, indoor lifestyle disconnects us from nature, which can lead to dissociation and dysregulation.


When we find ourselves in this state, our thoughts become stuck or catastrophic. This is when we look to our body and the natural world as raw and real resources that can help us process emotions, untangle thoughts, and lead us toward whole-body wellness.


Weaving a creative writing practice into these nature-based and body-based therapeutic practices can reconnect us to the natural world, to ourselves, and to the wilderness that lives inside us all.

Bring Writing for Wellness to You

I've led Writing for Wellness workshops for teens and adults in addiction recovery, pre-med and medical students, healthcare workers, corporate employees facing burnout, and students of all ages. I'm available for workshops in your office, school, or community space, and also offer virtual workshops. Reach out to schedule a free 30-minute consult.  

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