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Emma Faesi Hudelson is a teaching fellow and PhD candidate studying literary nonfiction at the University of Cincinnati. She writes and teaches nonfiction, and works as an editor and grant proposal writer--but she'd rather be at the barn. After completing her BA in English and MFA in Creative Writing from Butler University, Emma taught there as a full-time instructor in the English department. She currently teaches at the University of Cincinnati. Her editing credentials include books of poetry, dissertation chapters, and business and technical writing. As a grant proposal writer, she specializes in federal and environmental grants, and her successful proposals have earned more than $3.6 million for local governments and nonprofits. 


Emma writes about girlhood, addiction, mental illness, and horses. Her creative work appears or is coming soon in BUST, The Rumpus, Foglifter, The Chattahoochee Review, Thin Air Magazine, The Nasiona, and other publications. Her essays have been selected as finalists in the 2017 International Literary Awards and Creative Nonfiction's Spring 2018 Contest. She is completing an essay series on women and horses and is seeking representation for her memoir-in-essays, DISORDERED, a book about surviving a dual diagnosis of mood and substance abuse disorders. 


She lives with two dogs, two cats, and one husband in a house by the woods along Indiana’s White River. Emma is sober and vegan, so no one invites her to dinner parties. Ever. 

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